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Encore! 2018 - Speaking Part in Kansas City (men)


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MAN 3: How'd ya do at the fair, boys?

(Will and Tom look at one another seriously for a moment)

WILL: Awww, we did pretty good, I reckon.
TOM: Yassir, pretty good. (pause)
WILL and TOM: We done WON it!

MAN 2: What'd ya win, boys?
MAN 3: Yeah, what'd them big city folk give ya for winnin'?

WILL: Awww, not much, I reckon.
TOM: Yassir, not much. (pause)
WILL and TOM: We done got FIFTY DOLLARS!

MAN 1: Hahaha, well, there ain't no tellin' what you fellers got up to there in the big city!
MAN 2: Yassir, I betcha carried on plenty!

WILL: Awww, we wasn't carryin' on, I reckon.
TOM: No sir, we was WORKIN'.
WILL: But we sure did see some things we'd never seen before!