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Speaking Parts in Group Numbers

To be considered for a speaking part, slease select one of the following excerpts to audition with:

Newsies - MALE only

Them streets down there, they sucked the life right outta my old man. Well they ain't doin' that to me.
You keep your small life in the big city. Give me a big life in a small town.

Newsies Voice-Over Prologue

NARRATOR: New York City. It’s the eve of a brand new century! The 20th century, that is: 1899. The streets of New York echo with the voices of the newsies: nameless ragamuffins peddlin’ the papers of tycoons whose names have gone down in history--Joseph Pulitzer, William Randolph Hearst. On every corner you see the newsies wavin’ their banners, hawkin’ the news for a penny a paper. Mostly poor orphans and runaways, the newsies are a ragged army without a leader. But all that’s about to change…

The Cat and the Moon

Pub, filled with subdued/morose regulars

BARTENDER: Why so glum, lads and lassies? Times is hard, there’s no denyin’ it. But there’s no use in broodin’. Buck up now! How’s about a song to cheer us up? What do ya say, then? Who’s got a tune for us?

Oh the Thinks You Can Think!

CAT: After all those years being stuck on a page,
Did you ever imagine, you'd see Dr Seuss, onstage?
Now we’re here, there is no telling what may ensue.
With a cast such as us, and thinkers like you!